When your unique job lacks new challenges and learning opportunities, but you want to stay on that track with a new vision, Workplace Empowerment coaching can help you. First Impression gives you worthwhile tools to apply your innate abilities and gifts within your industry to grow and thrive.

Team Meeting

Finding Your Voice, Power, and Influence

You have strengths, accomplishments, a unique value proposition and your own personal brand that makes you appreciated by your employer. To advance, you must take note of these to give you the confidence to:

  • Be taken seriously as a valuable team member, and

  • Be recognized for advancement

Understanding your communication style and identifying the style of others is key to being recognized by your organization, and this package includes that discovery. 


Successful productivity is the result of good communication between the employees in an organization. Whether you are part of a team working together for a common goal, or the leader of a team, addressing the underlying messages sent via email, text, or the nonverbal cues given on an in-person or video meeting is of utmost importance for a happy work atmosphere. Relationships in the workplace matter, and this coaching package will identify the “how to” of understanding and relating to your coworkers and motivating your team.

Gain confidence by recognizing and honoring your value.

People respond well to those that are sure of what they want – Anna Wintour