You can find your authentic vocation through First Impression Career Coaching. It’s a matter of going through a series of exercises that stretch and pull you to know what you can accomplish in your lifetime without feeling exhausted and lonely at the end. Three principles form the foundation of authentic vocation:

  • Every person has a central life purpose. You will have optimum work fulfillment only when you realize it through your work as it develops and changes over time, and this is the core purpose of Career Coaching. 

  • It is possible for all people to find or create work that expresses their life purpose, uses their skills, meets a need in the world, and is financially viable. Career Coaching guides you to reach these goals.

  • To achieve this ideal, you and your Career Coach must assess and study the following factors:

    • Life Purpose – Realize your central life purpose through your work

    • Values – Understand and apply your work values to reduce work stress

    • Motivators and Interests – Recognize what motivates you to do your best

    • Knowledge and Skills – Learn what innate and learned knowledge and skills lend themselves to particular types of work for you

    • Work Experiences – Examine past challenges and results you’ve achieved

    • Job and Career Targets – Explore occupations based on what you’ve learned

    • Work Environment – Understand what’s important where you thrive, on several levels

    • Business Reality – Determine how to turn your ideal job description into reality

In a Meeting

The result of pursuing your Authentic Vocation is spending your days doing what you love! 

Live a Life Without Settling – Megan Jo Wilson





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