Offering tools to discover your authentic vocation 

Your time with First Impression will open a whole new world of self-awareness and growth with the tools we will use to uncover your potential. This experience will be perfectly tailored for you to explore your unique needs, as well as your talents and gifts to help you stand out in an employer’s search for the best candidate, or discover a whole new way to reach your career goals through Career Coaching.

Team Brainstorm

S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

We’ll use this acronym, SMART, to guide your goal setting and clarify your ideas, focus your efforts, use your time and resources productively, and therefore intensify the pursuit of your desire to contribute in a beautiful way to your job and career. 

  • Specific – significant, simple, sensible goals

  • Measurable - meaningful, motivating goals regarding training, or years of experience

  • Achievable – attainable goals that stretch your abilities but are not out of reach

  • Relevant – reasonable and realistic goals that ask if it matters to you, and is it worthwhile

  • Time bound - target date goals to help you prioritize

DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment asks questions that display information about your personality and behavior, as well as how you may relate to working with other people. Not only does it increase your self -awareness, but also shows what motivates you and stresses you, and how you respond to conflict and solve problems. 

Organizational Message Chart (OMC) 

You can identify your value and accomplishments with a tool called the Organizational Message Chart (OMC). This is an organizational chart that will help you highlight your best and unique selling points to your employer and assist in building the ideal resume.


Authentic Vocation 

The value of the Authentic Vocation tool is its capacity to discover, through the self-seeking  exercises, eight factors, including your central life purpose, values and abilities. With three foundational principles, you will love exploring how you can participate in the business world with energy and delight. 

GROW Coaching Method

To grow, we must set goals and reach for them through the realities and obstacles of life, and we can do this with the GROW coaching method, outlined below: 

  • Goal – where are you going? 

  • Reality – where are you now?

  • Options – what are your choices and obstacles to pursuing your goal?

  • Will – what is your commitment to reaching your goal?

Team Meeting
Young Businesswoman

STAR Method

You can be prepared to answer behavioral-based interview questions by preparation with the Star Method. These interview questions, “what would you do?” and “tell me about how …” or “have you ever …” are so much easier to answer after Career Coaching. 


This technique allows you to structure an answer and tell an engaging story. Many companies use behavioral interview questions and are looking for detailed explanations of your history (stories) and the STAR Method is a framework for building it around your achievements. Being able to answer the following puts you into a stellar category of interviewees.

  • Situation – an event where you are tasked with solving a problem

  • Task – determine how you will resolve the problem

  • Action – the steps you took to solve the problem

  • Result – outcomes or results stemming from the action taken

Mock Interview

You have the job interview scheduled, and now it’s time to practice. Do you know the typical questions asked, and are you prepared? This step with your Career Coach will give you answers to champion the interview, with a dress rehearsal and personal assistance on remembering all the details you need to show up at 100%.

You have a calling which exists only for you and which you can fulfill

– Dr. Naomi Stephan 





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