What Is a Passion-Based Career?

Are you working on a particular job, and you feel agitated and dissatisfied? Don't worry; you are not alone. Many individuals feel disappointed with their current position. To enjoy life satisfaction and happiness, what you need is a job that doesn't feel like a job at all. You need a job that utilizes your talent and life purpose to bring out great satisfaction in you, and that is what a Passion-Based Career is all about.

Definition of Passion-Based Career

Passion-Based Career Coaching is a unique approach to individual career development that is different from the commonly used skills-based system in identifying your calling or the perfect job. The core emphasis of this unique approach in career development is specifying your life purpose first and then building other supportive elements that bring out great satisfaction and happiness when doing a particular vocation.

In essence, a vocation – also known as a calling – is more than just the work you are paid for because it incorporates your entire life purpose. A Passion Based Career is comprised of 8 key elements. This post will look at each of them and see how they contribute to this new approach to career development.

Life Purpose-

This element tries to help you understand your life purpose. It answers the question, what is your life's purpose, and how should it be manifested in your job? The Passion Based Career approach uses this element as a base to bring out the best in you to create work out of your passion instead of a skills-based approach. Once you understand why you exist, you will utilize every chance given to fulfill and develop your life goals and objectives.


Values are guiding principles that define our lives and how we relate with others. When working, you must understand the values you must observe to get optimal fulfillment and happiness.

Motivators and Interests-

What are those motivators that inspire you to do your best in your job? If you have a high interest in achieving specific goals, the more motivated you will become. Motivators are the factors that keep you pushing the limits.


Here, we focus on the kind of skills or abilities you already have and the ones you will continue using on your job. Your current skills level has a significant bearing on your future options.


Do you have any experience which you can leverage in your future jobs? Work experience is earned through practical work and engaging with other parties in your line of work.

Desired Job-

Desired job or career target looks at the most suitable job titles and industries that best match your life purpose and goals. When you identify your goals, you can easily streamline your career targets.


The environment element focuses on the best location, culture, and other environmental factors in your work environment necessary for optimal performance and fulfillment.

Business Reality-

Here, we focus on the viability of your life purpose in giving you a sustainable income and fulfillment. You assess whether you can make a living out of it. If it's not viable, you learn what measures you need to take to make it possible.

A Passion-Based Career is achieved in a job if it has all of these elements. When your job is Passion-Based, you draw more fulfillment and happiness when doing it while at the same time meeting all your financial needs.

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