The Gift of Reflection

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The most favorite part of my weekly routine is Reflection Time on Friday. Besides being a time to relax, it’s probably the most important event of my week.

Do you take time out at the end of the week to look back and reflect on how things went? If you don’t, I suggest finding time at the end of the week – it doesn’t have to be a long time – but block out 30-60 minutes, ideally at the same time every week so it becomes a habit.

I have a room in my house which is my indoor retreat. I pour a nice cup of tea and grab my journal, sit in a comfortable chair with a blanket from a dear friend, and sit in the solitude along with my cats and about 35 house plants. This is my happy place – a place where I am relaxed and able to reflect.

What I find so beneficial about Wherever your happy place is, It’s Perfect!

this quiet time is that I can think about the ideas that didn’t go quite as planned and look at how I can make changes to get better results next time.

Then! I make sure to spend time acknowledging the incredible things that have happened, and give myself credit for my part in it. It is SO important to celebrate your wins – no matter how small. You contributed to something great, and you have earned a mental hug. And you know what? Mental hugs feel just as good as physical hugs.

After reflecting on the past week, I am in a calm and centered state of mind to look ahead to the next week. With my thoughts organized, and the frustrations of the week put into perspective, I have a much better outlook and am free to enjoy the weekend!

Give Yourself the Gift of Reflection!

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