I Have a Job with Good Pay and Excellent Benefits, But Not Much Else

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

“This has me wondering what I am gaining from my current job besides a paycheck. I realized that I am playing it safe. I’m not really trying to change my situation because of fear. I have a certain comfort level that makes where I’m at relatively easy and safe. My current job enables me to survive. I don’t want to stay where I am, though – I want to succeed, not just survive.”

I’ve heard adaptations of this story from many people. The average age range is between 40 and 45. This is the phase of life when people become motivated to make meaningful career changes. This is not surprising because studies have found that a shift begins to happen around this time. They begin to want more fulfillment out of life and work. They begin to weigh their lives, their accomplishments and consider the legacy they want to leave. The fears that have held them back begin to lift, and they can see beyond their restrictive thoughts and beliefs.

They’re concerned about finding a job that is right for them. They’re asking: Who am I, and what do I honestly want out of life?

The realization sinks in – it is now time to achieve larger goals and push further and with more conviction. Money, prestige, and authority begin to become less crucial. Happiness, contentment, and fulfillment become driving forces behind their efforts.

Once they’ve redefined these priorities, the common question is: How can I drive myself towards what I really want?

There are two important actions you can take right now:


Review past experiences. Look at the experiences that filled you with positive feelings, when you felt you were truly doing something you enjoyed, and that gratified you. Find ways to bring more of those experiences into your life. What experiences have filled you with accomplishment and joy? What still brings a smile to your face? Bring it into your life now.


Understand you indeed can do anything that is important to you. Start small, take one step each day that brings you closer to your dream life and career. Repeat your actions so you are eventually unafraid to express your passion fully each day. Find support! Recruit a group of friends or colleagues and commitment to empowering yourselves and your goals through encouragement, support, and accountability. When you feel tempted to act with less conviction, remind yourself that you deserve more and are capable of more.

A renewed dedication inspires the clients I have worked with. Once they identify what they genuinely want out of life, their commitment drives them forward. They gain a sense of clarity, conviction, and confidence they didn’t posses before. Possibilities are opening up. Fear is removed from the equation and a new feeling of opportunity is exhilarating and empowering.

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