Answer that age-old question, “Why should they pick me for the job?”

I am often asked questions from job seekers searching for ways to differentiate themselves:

● “Do I have any value to provide an employer?”

● “How can I present that value on my resume?”

● “How does the employer understand the value I offer?”

As a professional resume writer, I will help you articulate the value YOU offer an employer. By asking targeted questions, I will create a personalized resume for your dream job that incorporates the strengths that separate you from the pack.

Together we will be able to determine the ROI you will provide a new employer, and answer these important questions:

  1. What are your unique skills?

  2. How much money can you make them?

  3. Why are you the right person for the job?

  4. How do your previous successes set you up to be the right candidate for this job?

These questions will help craft the perfect resume for your dream job, so it’s clear why you are the most qualified and talented candidate.

Remember: A jack-of-all-trades resume is not beneficial to an employer or recruiter. It does not provide any unique value to answer why YOU are the perfect candidate.

The five cardinal rules of resumé writing:

Resume Length: One to two pages are standard for most resumes. Generally, individuals with up to 5 years’ experience will write a one-page resume; mid-level careers up to executives can use up to two pages.

List only the essentials that are relevant to the job applying to

White space is your friend. Leave room for the eye to move around the page.

Less is more. Don’t frustrate the employer with information that isn’t relative.

And actions speak loudest. Don’t just add a list of responsibilities.

If you're applying for jobs in academia, art and design, or the performing arts your resume may well be a little different from the standard. Email me anytime to discuss what you will do differently.

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