A Thank You Goes a Long Way

A letter sent after an interview does much more than say "thank you". It is a golden opportunity for you to reiterate the key points you made during the interview, further reinforce your value as a candidate, help you stand out, and remind your interviewer why you're a good match for the position and the company.

Believe it or not, many people never send thank-you letters. They either do not want to make the effort or do not understand the value and impact of these letters. Big mistake! Although I cannot guarantee you will get a job because you sent a thank-you letter, I can promise you that the letter will get you noticed and create a favorable impression.

What do you want to achieve in your Thank You Letter?

Of course, your ultimate objective is to win a job offer. That's what this entire process is all about. But many companies require multiple interviews, so your objective early on might be simply to move your candidacy along and get a second or third interview ... so you can then get the offer!

Beyond the ultimate objective, the purpose of your thank-you letter is to respond to what you learned at the interview about the company's "hot topics" - its needs challenges, obstacles, opportunities, skills requirements, and other job-specific and company-specific details. Show that you listened, you learned, and you have what the company needs to meet that obstacle or conquer that challenge.

Pro Tip:

Take notes during every interview so you know what's most important to each position and each company. Refer to your notes when writing your thank-you letters so you're certain to hit the "hot spots" for your audience.

Who Is the Audience?

The audience for thank-you letters is the people you have interviewed with. Do keep in mind, however, that others may read your letter. A manager might share it with his manager or someone in human resources. Any time you submit something in writing-to a company, a recruiter, or anyone else that you might reach out to during your search-know that others may be reading it.

That isn't a bad thing. In fact, it can be a good thing! If the manager you interviewed with is sharing your thank-you letter up the chain of command, you can feel somewhat confident that she is quite interested in making you an offer.

Who Do You Send the Letter To?

As already mentioned, send a thank-you letter to anyone who interviewed you or helped you in some way with your job search. If you interviewed with multiple people at a certain company, take the time to email an individual thank-you note to each person. Each letter should be a bit different, focusing on the items that seemed most important to that particular person.

How Do You Submit a Thank-You Letter?

You will send a thank-you letter as an e-note in an email message 99% of the time. There is no reason, particularly with a thank-you letter, to 2write a formal letter on letterhead. Instead, make it easy for the reader by writing your letter as the email message. It is quick and efficient and can easily be saved in email or the database of a company or recruiter.

Take advantage of this powerful job search tool! You will gain a competitive advantage by scoring social communication points with the hiring committee.

Be prepared before an interview by setting up a template that can easily be customized for each interview.

Not sure how to proceed? Send me an email or schedule a time to talk, and we'll get you on the road to Your Dream Job!

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