6 Ways You Benefit from Career Coaching

Career management is about taking control of your career to proactively ensure that your job meets both your professional and personal goals. Effective career management is built on firm foundations, so it is essential to have a clear understanding of your "career capital," i.e., your skills, experiences, and potential.

Exploring your career options and bench-marking your skills in the job market will help devise a clear, focused, and realistic career plan. Developing an attractive sales pitch to prospective employers and learning how to create opportunities is how the career plan will be implemented.

Career management isn't a one-time process but an ongoing strategy. However, there are times in your career when it will require more input, especially if you are looking for a job move or promotion.

How will I benefit from career management?

Career management has both immediate and longer-term benefits:

1. Achieving a higher salary.

2. Enhancing job satisfaction and interest.

3. Improving your marketability.

4. Minimizing risk where there is career uncertainty.

5. Positioning yourself for future job opportunities.

6. Creating a balance between your personal and professional needs.

How can Personal Career Management help me?

Working with career coaches will help you manage your career by:

· Identifying and assessing your essential skills and experiences and any gaps.

· Working out what it is you want to do for the future.

· Devising a practical career action plan to determine what to do and when.

· Maximizing opportunities within your current organization.

· Marketing your skills persuasively to potential external employers.

· Enhancing your salary negotiation skills to ensure that you are being paid appropriately and well.

· Reviewing your strategic action plan to ensure your career remains on-track and can accommodate unforeseen changes.

The goal of career management and planning is to produce the desired results for our careers that positively impact our lives. Career management allows us to prepare and maintain a degree of control over the expected outcomes.

Career management means that you are the one who decides what you want to do in your professional life.

You control where you work and what -- and how far -- you need to advance.

In our professional lives, career management is a necessary tool to help us achieve personal and professional goals. With good career management, we can make the proper and timely decisions along the way with confidence.

The Timing of Career Management

I witnessed a middle manager waking up after about 6 or 7 years in their role. They would say: "Gosh, I do not have my VP stripes yet." They would start scrambling to develop a career management program. Sadly, in terms of a promotion, it was too late. It would have served them better to start a program the first day after promotion to middle management.

In my career coach role, I hear the familiar refrain: "If I do good work in my current role, I will get promoted." No. It no longer works that way.

You have established yourself by the success of your current job. The best way to get promoted is to manage and plan to be appropriately positioned to create or leverage the opportunity.

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