Career Coaching is a holistic, self-enlightening process of discovering your authentic vocation through introspective exercises via a coach who cares for your success! With the honest and true results from self-reflection, you’ll find out what drives your work life and will receive clarity about your life purpose and career goals.

Molds for men-only and women-only roles are being broken in a good way. While gender-bias continues to penetrate our culture, you will be encouraged to speak up with your ideas, your desires and big expressive emotions to be heard in today’s changing workplace. Your personal brand of positivity can be expressed with the ammunition of effective Career Coaching. 

By focusing on your career management, you’ll be taking the first positive step towards a better career, and better quality of life. 

Three Reasons to work with a Career Coach:

  • You are ready to find a new job that you enjoy and look forward to going to each day.

  • You fell into your current career and now want to move towards something that you are more passionate about, brings your more joy, or is more meaningful.

  • You are tired of corporate life and want to do your own thing but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started.

Colleagues at Work

A First Impression Career Coach has no preconceived opinions, but has knowledge and experience to guide you. Together, we will take a deep dive of your life to fish for your true natural gifts while discovering what brings you the greatest fulfillment. This eye-opening process will teach you how to listen to your inner voice, and find what really makes you happy. 

A year from now you will wish you started today – Karen Lamb