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Interview Better Than Anyone Else


Getting expert help for a specific interview or in advance of the expected interview phase of your job search or internal promotion process is a very smart investment when:

  • You have been out of the job search game for awhile

  • You have no idea or a very fuzzy idea what behavioral interviewing is

  • You have an upcoming internal promotion opportunity

  • You are trying to make a career change

  • You have a lot riding on your interviewing performance

  • Your experience is complex

  • You are not clear how to connect the dots between what you offer and the requirements of the job

Key Benefits of Interview Coaching


 Understand Interviewing Theory

  • Interview & Question types including behavioral theory

  • Analysis of buyer needs

  • Analysis of your match and gaps

  • Your response: connecting the dots and storytelling

  • How to lead with your strengths and bolster your weaknesses

Gain Confidence & Skill with Live Practice & Feedback

  • Get practice performing under pressure and receive supportive, but candid feedback on the impression you are making

  • Get help anticipating specific questions & designing responses

Expert Advice & Strategy on Opportunities

  • We help you anticipate and preparing for the employer’s concerns about gaps in your offering and questions

  • Insights on key selling points and focus areas

  • Expert strategy as you move from 1st to subsequent interviews

And of course, dramatically raising your game so that you put yourself in a position where you can say no, or yes.

Put my experience in interview coaching  to work FOR YOU

  • Clarify and sharpen your presentation

  • Identify and craft your stories in response to behavioral interviewing questions

  • Design a strategic response to the requirements of the role. Clarify both areas of strength and the gaps in your candidacy

  • Speak to both the stated and implicit requirements of the job opportunity


Get in touch to determine if I can support you for your upcoming interview