How Does the Process Work?

How Does the Process Work?

I walk you through every step of the résumé writing process from beginning to end. Some people are overwhelmed and frustrated because they’ve been working on their résumé for weeks—or even months—and still feel it lacks impact. Others know that résumé writing isn’t their forte; but they also have a firm idea of what they’d like their résumé to look and sound like. No matter where you are in the process (either you have no résumé at all, or you’ve got one already in progress), I’ll meet you right there.


I’m Ready to Get Started. How Do I Proceed?

We’ll schedule a time for a personalized and thorough telephone consultation to get to know you and your career goals better. This initial consultation will last approximately 60-90 minutes. I’ll want to know your goals for your career, positions and/or companies of interest, your employment history—and your passions, talents, and interests. When we finish this call you’ll have a good idea of the résumé strategy we’re going to use—and you can expect to see your proof for review in 5-7 business days.


What Is Your Turnaround Time?

I’ll send you a Word document proof of the résumé for you to review within 5-7 business days of your initial consultation. Take your time to review the résumé thoroughly and note any changes you’d like to have made. I edit every day Monday-Friday and can often have your revisions completed and back for your review within 24 hours or less. I don’t limit the number of revisions (within reason)—I just ask that you submit them all at one time. Then we’ll make the changes and send the documents back for your review and approval.


When Can I Schedule My Consultation?

You may schedule your consultation by calling 406-208-0174 or emailing me at Melanie@firstimpressionsrésumé Consultations can be done over the phone or by email. Some clients prefer a one-on-one visit for various reasons including lack of internet facilities or capabilities, a preference for working directly with a writer for easier collaboration, or simply to facilitate the ease of information gathering. If you are not local, email also works very efficiently but may take a little bit longer.


What Happens After I Order?

Once your consultation is complete I’ll put together all the information and start the résumé writing and development process. If I have any questions I’ll call or e-mail you to clarify. If you recall anything after the consultation that you feel is important to the development of the résumé, please feel free to e-mail or call as soon as you can, and I’ll be sure to incorporate it into the résumé. Once the proof is finished it will reviewed and proofread. Afterward, I will review it from an HR perspective to ensure it clearly communicates to the hiring manager/employer your value and personal brand. I review, and review again, to ensure that your résumé has maximum impact and a high response rate once you start sending it out. Once the initial review is complete (during the 5-7 business days) I’ll send the proof to you for review.


Do You Use Worksheets/Questionnaires?

Yes, I do. I have found that working through a questionnaire helps clients think through their work and volunteer experiences; remember key accomplishments at each position; have the time to think through the answers rather than have to answer on the spot in consultation with the writer.  A worksheet completed prior to the consultation saves a great deal of time and questions that need to be asked. The worksheet will ask all of the basics, but also prompt you for information you may not have thought about.


How Long Is the Phone Consultation?

Phone consultations typically last 60 minutes but if more time is needed, and space on my calendar allows, the consultation can be extended to 90 minutes or more.


Do I Need a Résumé to Get Started?

Not at all. Although a previous résumé is a great place to start, it is not necessary. The client worksheet and consultation will be sufficient to gather the needed information.


What Do You Need From Me to Get Started?

A completed worksheet or just notes that you have jotted down is enough to get the process moving. Also helpful is a copy of job listings that you are interested in applying to. This gives me valuable information needed to appropriately, and effectively target your résumé to that job.


How Are You Different From Other Résumé Companies?

I pride myself in providing personalized service to my clients. Effective collaboration between you and me is critical to developing a product that presents you with the impact needed to set you apart from the crowd.


I Have a Unique Situation. Can You Help Me?

Depending on the unique situation, I can most likely help you. I am a member of the National Résumé Writers Association and the Professional Association of Résumé Writers. These associations provide me an amazing resource of advanced writers that are always willing to provide feedback during the entire process. If there is a situation I have not encountered, chances are that one of the other writers will have. I enjoy a challenge, love learning about the multitude of careers (old and new), and solving a problem for a client.


Which Industries Do You Write For?

I am able to write for most industries; the process of résumé development is fundamentally the same regardless of industry. Exceptions to this are academics and medical physicians which require a CV format. You will want to use a CV when applying for research positions, education, academic, scientific, fellowships, grants, and international positions. For other types of positions you will use a résumé.


Do You Work With Clients From Outside the United States?

Absolutely! With the wonderful technology available today, the entire process can easily be handled by email and/or phone. There are slight differences in how some information is presented for a résumé being utilized outside the United States. These vary by country but are generally minor.



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