Hi, I’m Melanie Thompson, founder of First Impression. My life purpose is to guide women through a Journey of Transformation to break the binds of tradition and discover your Authentic Vocation, your Purpose, or Calling in Life. I want to remove the stumbling blocks that keep you from a career that “serves you” by honoring and using your innate abilities, goals, and dreams.

While I found my “calling” early in my working life, it was derailed twice before I began living my authentic vocation. The wooing of full-time work and life events pulled me away from it, and I enjoyed the corporate world somewhat, and my experience working at a university taught me the value of doing what you love. I continued to pursue the beginnings of my current company, First Impression, as I developed resumes and coached clients on job search strategy as a freelancer. I eventually decided when it was right to respect my inner self and start this home-based business, expanding it to embrace Career Coaching.


Honoring your dreams, values, and interests, while empowering you to live authentically, without barriers, is very important to me. The opportunity is ripe for women to own their lives and careers, and feel they are contributing to the advancement of society.

Working Together

Here’s what my clients say that I offer to them:

  • Listens well without judgment

  • Possesses current knowledge regarding industries and the job market

  • Motivates, supports, and instills confidence

  • Asks inquisitive probing questions 

  • Has a customized approach to different learning styles, age groups, and other client characteristics; excellent soft skills

  • Reduces job search time

  • Skilled in helping discover personal talents and gifts

  • Holds credentials and has credibility

  • Follows the International Coach Federation Standards of Ethical Conduct 

Meeting Between Colleagues

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Support – A safe environment where I will be there for you, offering different perspectives and opportunities to see the obstacles, yet illuminating the path to your dream job.

  • Structure and Accountability – A customized program to help you know where to start, with regular coaching sessions to exceed your goals.

  • Focus – Together, we’ll identify your values, interests, talents and passion to discover what is important to you and how it relates to find your ideal career.

  • Confidence and Your Personal Brand – Fresh perspectives and awareness of your strengths, accomplishments, unique value proposition, and your own personal brand for a new self-confidence.

Find your true calling in the workplace – with a career that will give you authentic meaning and purpose. If you are going to spend eight hours a day or more in your job, it might as well be something that you love.


The tools, exercises, and activities we use in Career Coaching will help you identify your career goals and act to achieve them. After only a few sessions, you will have a much clearer sense of what type of career will give you the most joy and satisfaction. Then, you’ll be in the position to start implementing an action plan to get there.

I help women uncover their unique calling and build a road map to career – and life – satisfaction. 

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” – Carlton Fisk

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis

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