Melanie Thompson

NCOPE Certified

CEIP Certified

Job searching is a daunting and stressful undertaking accompanied by every emotion possible. I can mitigate some of those emotions by helping you uncover the abilities and accomplishments you might not realize you have. We all do our jobs every day without really thinking about the outcomes, but that is what employers want to know – How You Did the Work and the Results.


Based in Montana, I have worked with entry-level through executive job seekers. Regardless of how many resumes I write, I always learn something new with each new project. Every person is unique, and your resume should also be. I take the time to get to know you, your strengths, your accomplishments, and your career goals. I design custom resumes to reflect your work history, your abilities, and achievements and present these in your voice.


I capitalize on numerous training opportunities available to me to remain current in resume development and job search trends. In this digital age, we need to utilize every tool in developing your career documents, so you not only stand out from the crowd but stand above it.


I genuinely enjoy what I do and am ready to help you Get Noticed and Get Hired!

I offer 7+ years’ experience writing and crafting all types of résumés. This includes résumés for entry-level positions, professional résumés for people with a bit more experience, high-level executive résumés and even federal and government résumés.

As a résumé writer also understand that hiring managers in specific industries are looking for specific qualifications on résumés, so I tailor your résumé specific to the industry in which you are applying for work.

One of the most important tips résumé writers can give is the knowledge that your résumé must be tailored specifically to the job at hand. Some sections of your résumé, such as your educational background and relevant work experience can remain the same for many different types of jobs. After all, you can’t really change your education and work history, but you can tailor your résumé to highlight skills that apply to a specific industry.

For instance, if you are applying for any type of job in which specific software programs will be used, your résumé writers will ensure that your résumé highlights your competency with these programs. This type of information is important for virtually all levels of experience but particularly important for those just out of college or with only a few years of work experience.

When a hiring manager sees that you won’t need to be taught how to use certain programs, this gives you a boost over your competition. Too often people create a one-size-fits-all résumé and if your résumé is tailored for a specific job, a hiring manager is far more likely to place your résumé in the “Yes” pile. This is one of the best reasons to hire professional résumé writers as we know what hiring teams are looking for in a wide variety of industries.

There are certain keywords or buzz words that really attract the attention of hiring managers and professional résumé writers will make sure that these are placed within your résumé. As a hiring manager is briefly scrolling through résumé after résumé, he or she is looking for specific skills and experience, so it’s important to use dynamic keywords throughout your résumé.

When résumé writers discuss dynamic keywords, they aren’t simply speaking about buzz words such as “Microsoft Excel,” or “Microsoft Word,” or other software programs or training. Dynamic language is also about using action verbs that truly express your skills.

For instance, if you were responsible for setting up work schedules at your last job, good résumé writers would never write, “was responsible for weekly work schedules.” Instead, they would write, “Coordinated weekly work schedules for 40 employees.” If you were in charge of inventory and supplies, we wouldn’t state that you were “in charge of office supplies and inventory,” instead we might say that you “developed a cost-effective office-supply inventory system for a company with 75 employees.”

Not only do you want to use dynamic verbs, but you also want each line of your résumé to articulate your work experience to its best advantage. This is another great reason to consider hiring a professional résumé writer. You might have an assortment of great skills and training, but it’s often hard for people to express that effectively in a résumé. Professional résumé writers are trained to use the type of wording and language that appeals to hiring teams and hiring managers. My goal at First Impressions Résumé Design is to create résumés that immediately grab the attention and make it easy for a hiring manager to quickly read the résumé and assess whether or not your skills are what they need.

If you are in need of a great résumé, First Impressions Résumé Design is here to help. Not only do I create fantastic résumés tailored specifically for your job search, but I also stand by my work.


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