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Are you confident that you can surpass your toughest job competitors?

Compelling Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles play a critical role in any job search. 

Perhaps it has been many years since you updated your resume or engaged in a job search, and you don't know where to start. Maybe you are unaware of the value of a strong online presence or the importance of a powerful personal brand.

Most of us feel awkward bragging—even humblebragging. We don’t want to be seen as arrogant or too good for the job. But this is your resume, so now’s the time to let the swagger flag fly.

If you’ve ever freelanced, been laid off or taken an extended period away from your career, you might wonder how to note such info on a resume. List all your freelance clients, and you run the risk of looking like a job hopper; keep too many off, and you lose out on showcasing your experience and skills.

Does your resume have a driving narrative, or at the very least a theme? Is your career path clear and focused, showing hiring managers where you’ve been and where you’re heading? If you’re unsure, chances are it’s missing the all-important narrative element hiring managers expect to find. A resume is at heart, a marketing document, and any good piece of marketing collateral has at its core a driving narrative. If this driving narrative isn’t telling your career story in a compelling way in addition to focusing on your achievements, then, it’s not reaching its maximum potential.

Are you in the midst of a job search or contemplating one? Do you have clear career goals, a defined job search target, and a desire to move forward in your career?


You've come to the right place.

As a certified career resume writer, I connect leading professionals with value-driven job search tools, opening doors to top jobs.

Working with you, I will craft your career story to attract the attention you deserve, differentiating you from the competition to secure greater recognition and higher compensation.

Why invest in a professionally written resume?

Your resume acts as your introduction. It must create a positive, high-impact impression! Investing in a professionally developed resume is an investment in your career.

A recent study revealed that job seekers who used a professionally written resume secured work 32% faster. 

Resume writers, like other professionals in their respective fields, have to stay abreast of trends in the recruiting landscape by engaging with HR and other industry professionals, as well as digging into the trove of material being published about job searching on the Web. Unless you spend your free time getting caught up on the latest trends in hiring and resume best practices, it can be more effective and cost-efficient to leave this to a pro.

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A powerful, professionally written resume can:


☑ Differentiate you from competitors and capture the eye of hiring authorities to win interviews.

☑ Open doors to prestigious jobs at leading organizations around the world.

☑ Position you strongly ‘on paper’ so you can navigate a job search with confidence.

☑ Generate faster career transition, increased compensation, and enhanced employability.

I could not be happier with my resume. I truly believe my resume set my application apart enabling me to interview with every program I applied to. Melanie is timely, efficient, and incredibly personable.        Nick P. 2019

If you ARE READY to be noticed by hiring authorities - and READY to take your career to

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