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What Is Passion-Based Career Coaching?

Passion-Based Career Coaching is a solution-based approach that leverages my background in career marketing and job search strategy, 3 career transitions, and executive administration. It helps you make informed decisions about the evolution of your career.


I understand the emotion that informs human behavior as well as the motivation and thought patterns that drive it forward. With this knowledge, we help you create a vision for your career and life that is bigger and more rewarding than what you are currently experiencing. The results you achieve will enable you to live a life that is authentic, happy, fulfilled, and just right for you.


The knowledge you gain, and the motivation and personalized support you receive will empower you to take on the diversity, complexity, and political nature of many of today’s workplaces with confidence. 

In this changing environment, retooling your current career becomes necessary to give you clarity, direction, and control over your working years.

How We Work Together

During our coaching sessions, I listen to what you say and how you say it. We talk about what’s most important, reveal useful (and less useful) emotions that accompany your thoughts so that you can gain more clarity.

You will develop a plan of action, and with your new momentum, pursue it.

I rely on self-reflection and active listening techniques that help you take a retreat from your current thought patterns, and breathe fresh air into your brain. You’ll begin to see your situation from a new perspective; real, tangible, and true to who you are. 

There will be homework and pre-meeting prep. The bulk of the coaching work happens outside the sessions and I will be by your side, as you do that work. I’m here to ensure that you are motivated; I'll hold you accountable without being overbearing or demanding.

Video Conference

Passion-Based Coaching Philosophy

As a career coach, my focus is on helping you realize your aspirations for your work and your life.

I want you to feel that every morning when you wake up, you are facing a day where you are:

  • engaged in work that you love and find meaningful;

  • that you feel in alignment with your life's purpose;

  • that you are serving from your highest skills and zone of brilliance;

  • and that your daily life is congruent with your values.

Finding Support During Your Transition Isn't Always Easy

We don’t always have trusted confidantes to turn to. Nor do we receive the best actionable advice from well-intentioned, although often misguided, family, friends, and colleagues. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You are a high-achieving, high-impact woman who is experiencing a life transition. You could use some help reclaiming your confidence, rediscovering your creativity, and redefining your purpose so you can feel fully present, motivated, and alive.

Is Passion-Based Career Coaching For You?

First Impression Career Services helps women who are seeking greater clarity and want to maximize their personal, professional, and social impact.

Are you ready to overcome the challenges that have prevented you from achieving the success you both dream of and so richly deserve?

Breakthrough Executive Coaching is for you if you are experiencing:

Work Challenges

✔Do you feel stuck in your current role?

✔Are you rethinking your career choice?

✔Are you preparing for a promotion?

✔Do you want to enhance your leadership abilities?


midlife transition

✔ Is your nest empty and you're wondering what is next for you?

✔ Are you looking for new meaning in life and greater satisfaction?

✔ Is it time to put your passion to use in a work setting?

✔ Are you ready to leave the corporate scene and be your own boss, or volunteer?


personal & professional impact

✔ You have a lifetime of skills, abilities, and wisdom to share.

✔ Would you like to contribute your skills and abilities in a meaningful way?

✔ Are you at a loss about where you can be of value?


The Coaching Process

The Passion-Based Coaching Program:

Pursue your passion

Align your passion with your career

Spotlight your skills and talents

Search for Opportunities

Interview better than the competition

Organize your job search and get hired faster

Network to open doors of opportunity

Discovery Call

The goal of the Call is to determine whether coaching can be successful for you and if  we are a good fit to work together.


First Session


During this session, ​we will set your coaching goals and review your Welcome Kit and review what coaching is and what you can expect from me.


Assessment Phase

Determine the gap between your current and desired level of performance, and overall pattern of strengths and developmental areas.


Passion Coaching

60-minute sessions where we focus on building a roadmap of action steps designed to move you forward and reach your goals.


Review & Evaluation

Reflect on the coaching and learning and measure progress against your goals and if enough growth has happened or if additional coaching is needed.


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My mission and purpose are to guide women through a journey of transformation to break the bonds of tradition and discover their passion and purpose – or calling in life. I want to remove the stumbling blocks that keep you from a career that serves you by honoring and using your passions, goals, and dreams.

While I found my passion vocation early in my working life, it was derailed twice before I began living life on my own terms. The allure of full-time consistent income and life events pulled me away from my dreams and goals. 

I began to pursue the beginnings of my current company, First Impression Career Services, as I developed resumes and coached clients on job search strategy. I eventually decided it was the right time to respect my inner self and pivot my business, expanding it to embrace Career Coaching.


Honoring your dreams, values, and interests, while empowering you to live authentically, without barriers, is very important to me. The opportunity is ripe for women to own their lives and careers, and feel they are contributing to the advancement of society.

Our individualized, one-on-one coaching sessions will stimulate your transformational change. You will gain greater career success by aligning your career with your goals, lifestyle, motivators, and passion.


We will meet by appointment on the Zoom videoconference platform. This allows us to meet regularly from your home, your office, while you’re away on business, or vacation; from anywhere in the world, without ever interrupting your progress.

In our work together, you can expect me to:

🔸 Give you my complete, undivided attention.

🔸 Provide a safe, trusting environment, free from 

     any judgment.

🔸 Ask incisive, thought-provoking questions.

🔸 Challenge you to reconsider your perspective of

      yourself, your abilities, your potential, and your


🔸 Hold you accountable for your decisions and


🔸 Collaborate in goal-setting, strategizing, and

      determining tactical approaches.

🔸 Help you grow and learn, both personally and


🔸 Help you build resilience.

🔸Always be truthful and honest with you.

🔸 Be LGBTQ+ affirming.  

Are You Ready to Find Your Passion Based Career? 

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